PACE Member organisations to roll out streamlined HR system

With an emphasis on innovation and systems improvement, PACE Care member organisations have commenced the rollout of a new HR system across the group, which is set to streamline HR operations and significantly simplify the admin process for staff.

Known as ‘Enable’, the program operates through handheld devices or existing computer systems and allows users to access important information at their fingertips, rather than searching through manually filed notes and documents.

The system has now been successfully launched at PACE member organisation Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel, where the team is already seeing its benefits.

“Vietnam Veterans is the pilot site and from there it will be rolled out across the PACE group,” said CEO of Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel, Justin Dover.

Acting as a centralised data portal, ‘Enable’ aids with information sharing, employee profiles, forms, procedures and automated documents. It’s capable of keeping track of compliance when it comes to police checks and hiring. Most importantly, it is very user-friendly.

“It’s essentially a large personnel file,” explained Vietnam Veterans’ IT expert, Nat Martorano, who helped to implement the system.

“It will help us to keep track of all core areas of Human Resources, including development and performance management. Simply put, it’s giving us a better synchronised system.

“Managers will benefit immediately, but it’s a program that is good for everyone.

“Online performance reviews mean a process that used to take hours is now a 10-minute exercise, there’s no more writing copious notes and attaching it to a file – it will all be at your fingertips.

“As with any new technology it will require some learning, but once it becomes the norm it will be a walk in the park,” he continued.

For Vietnam Veterans, and by extension PACE Care, the decision to go digital was about people. With software doing the hard work for you, more time can be allocated to resident care and personal development.

“It’s a lot more streamlined now. It’s step-by-step – there’s no room for interpretation,” said CEO Justin Dover.

“The program clearly spells everything out – it will make things easier,” he added.

Importantly, the HR system will also reduce the risk of human error, keeping all staff accountable.

“The other thing, and this may sound simple but it’s not, is that you won’t lose things or repeat things like you can in a manual system,” concluded Nat.

PACE Care looks forward to working closely with our other member organisations to facilitate the rollout of this system across the group. It is our goal to ensure the best systems are in place so that our members can operate at the optimal level and focus on what matters most – providing high quality care.

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