How Insurance Pooling has impacted PACE Members

The formation of PACE and pooling of resources with the foundation members Peninsula Villages, Adelene, Central Coast Community Care Association, Evergreen Life Care and Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel resulted in the review of each member’s individual insurance program by our insurance broker Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers (WSIB).

WSIB performed a comprehensive analysis of our entire insurance program across all entities together with their exposures and has ultimately provided the Pace Aged Care Group with a complete umbrella insurance program.

This initiative has resulted in up to 30% reduction in premium costs to the individual group members, whilst significantly increasing the level of coverage across all insurances.

WSIB has also provided the group with the introduction and offering of Risk Management program and services provided by Dynamiq Risk Management and together we have achieved Excellence for creating a Risk Management framework for all new members with an award at the 2016 CGU Benchmark Awards.

The Pace Aged Care group is continually evolving and this year we have seen a surge in growth. As our circumstances change, WSIB adapt our insurance program and provide additional cover thereby providing flexibility and security to all of our members.

To learn more about how PACE’s shared services model is directly benefiting our members, contact us today.

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